Tax Label Application

Every year governments lose revenue due to illegal trade in products. In fact, once they are exported outside national borders to be consumed in another country, the opportunities for tax evasion are considerable. To recover lost revenue, it is essential to secure the supply chain.

Arca offers solutions that support a variety of Tax Label programs. The different models of labelers in the range can be used for any type of application: from application on bags to application on tobacco sticks or pharmaceutical products, up to high-speed application on bottles in the beverage sector.
In the beverage sector, our high-speed industrial automatic labelers are capable of applying a tax label to bottle or can caps at a productivity of up to 100,000 pieces/hour.
By adding the appropriate "seal" adapter, the labelers can apply tax labels with "L" or "U" format, achieving very high productivity. The “Non-Stop” function is also available for possible continuous operation. 
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