ARCA to Innovate Your Logistics Process

In the logistics and freight transport sector, it has become increasingly necessary to have an exact traceability of all goods to ensure an optimal level of service to the end user. In this regard, ARCA offers a hardware solution complete with a software suite with programs for advanced print management, validation and traceability of packages, developing ad hoc solutions.

The solution realized for our Customer Contital SRL, leader in the food packaging sector, consists in the recognition, control and labeling of the pallet through automated stations.

STEP 1 - Barcode reader
- Pallet inlet on roller conveyor
- Reading of the label on the boxes through two barcode readers, positioned on both sides of the roller conveyor
- Sending the part number to the Devices automation software

STEP 2 - Pallet pass through laser scanner to perform
- The scanning of the overall volume and verification of any protrusions
- Check the correspondence between the number of boxes actually present on the pallet and the number set in the software
- The actual composition of the top floor. The condition is that the lower floors are complete. In addition, an alarm is triggered even if the pallet is higher than expected. 

STEP 3 – Generate the label
- The Devices automation software, after receiving the part number code, retrieves all the information related to the format of the cartons from the DB SQL

- The Pallet GS1 software generates the EAN Pallet label in A5 format with the unique SSCC code
All devices are connected and managed by the Inspector 4.0 unit in which the 18" PC is inserted where all the software is installed.

STEP 4 - Print and apply label
- The print apply Linerplus with pivoting arm, applies the label, first on the front and then on the side of the wrapped pallet, while the scanner positioned under the applicator arm, performs the verification of readability and congruity of the barcode read, thus ending the process.

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