How to Choose the Right Applicator

Before investing in an automatic applicator for self-adhesive labels, it is a good idea to make sure that it meets the requirements of the application you want to perform.  Let's see what the primary deciding factors are when selecting the model that can meet your specific needs


Primary considerations to be made before choosing the most suitable applicator include:
 - Surface of the product to be labeled: the applicator must take into account the shape of the surface of the product to be labeled (flat, concave, convex, uneven? Clean or contaminated?). 
 - Is the material smooth or does it have unevenness? In other words, what should be labeled? A bottle, box, jar with a cylindrical, conical, or irregular shape?

What material is the product made of? Glass, plastic, metal? Is it rigid or compressible?
Label size: applicators must accommodate the width, length of labels to be applied. 
Some industrial label applicators can only handle specific sizes, while others are more versatile, such as ARCA's S Series label applicators that handle widths from 110 to 350 mm (max width of the liner)

An automatic applicator takes total control of the application process. Performing a detailed analysis of what you want to achieve is essential. Choosing a technological and technically trained partner is even more important!
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