How to determine the unwinding direction of the roll

The last operation involved in labeling a product is application to the container. In automatic application, the direction of unwinding of the roll is decisive. There are many models of applicators, for flat or cylindrical surfaces, and each has its own unique operating characteristics.
What is the unwinding of a roll of labels?
The unwind is the side or edge of the label that comes off the roll first. It is necessary for the unwind to fit the applicator so that the roll feeds the labels into the machine in the appropriate direction.
How to choose the exact unwinding direction for your application needs?
The only thing to do is to consult the source directly the user manual. In the absence of the manual, you should contact the manufacturer or the applicator's dealer.

The different positions of label unwinding
The different unwinds are named after the edge of the label that will come off the roll first. In addition, depending on the specific applicator, labels can be placed on the outside or inside of the roll. For these reasons, there are eight possible unwind configurations for label rolls.

Other characteristic parameters of label rolls
Roll unwinding is not the only factor to determine for your applicator. Each applicator requires specific packaging of the label roll and determination of some essential parameters for everything to work properly. We therefore advise you to check, in addition to the size and shape of the container, the following main factors:
- maximum diameter of the label roll
- minimum and maximum width of the label it can apply
- inner core of the label roll
- gap size (space between labels)
- label thickness type of label (gap or black mark)
The efficiency of the labeling process depends on many factors. One must know how to choose the optimal settings without neglecting cost-saving possibilities.
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