Feeding and Glueing

Feeding and Glueing unit with de-stacking module
(Mailing machine for Outserts and Leaflets)

Application examples :
Feeding, collating, glueing, inspection and sorting out, counting, de-stacking and removing of leaflets and outserts in pharmaceutical industry.

Application description :
The collating line of this system is equipped with three to maximum four friction feeders. These feeders dispense the products into the partition of the flighted belt conveyor.

Each dispensed product is verified by a camera system during the whole process. The pharma-ceutical outserts respectively leaflets are fixed to each other by glueing dots and are collated with exact positioning.

This placement can be monitored and evaluated by camera or barcode scanner (optional).

In connection with our developed de-stacking unit reject parts can be ejected during the process inline.

The parts recognized as good are counted and transferred by a de-stacking rake into a flighted belt exit conveyor for manual removal.

With the short changeover times economic opera-tion is also enabled for small batch sizes.

Main features:
- Format and product flexible line
- Suitable for small and large batch sizes
- Up to four friction feeders for separating and dis-pensing of the products
- Glueing of multiple leaflets possible (up to four glueing heads)
- 100% product traceability via camera or scanner systems
- Detection of reject parts detection and sorting out
- Counting and de-stacking with buffer rake
- Manual removal of the counted product stacks
- Integration of multiple peripheral devices (printer, labeller, banding, etc.)
- User friendly interface via touch panel

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