Adhesive labelling solutions

Complete Self-adhesive Labeling Solutions
Arca is the only company in Italy and one of the few worldwide companies to master both sides of matter : labelling&marking machines and self-adhesive labels (made in italy)

Anti-tampering application
Label Application + "Wipe Out" labels : Arca is the only one company that guarantees the impossibility of removing the anti-tampering seal - available for any industry.

Promo label application
Hidden between the Auto-collar pages, every message becomes more captivating. As before finding it, the consumer plays, tears, rubs out, wins, finds out scented recipes, writings or drawings, money-off vouchers and promotional messages. The label is applied without touching the product, guaranteeing maximum accuracy thanks to Arca AirJet application.

Pre-budled label application
Featuring a series of cuts on the paper or synthetic printed support  easily breaking up in case of any attempt of illegal removal.

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