12 : Series 5000 with HPS 200

รหัสสินค้า : 12 : Series 5000 with HPS 200

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This system was designed for labelling empty buckets, with a label to be placed in a specific position in relation to the decoration on the bucket.The label is printed in the thermal transfer print by a DATAMAX A4212 MARK II print module

The buckets are coming to the system in random position and are stopped and rotated in the 3-roller system.A sensor is detecting the reference point on the bucket,so the label can be position according to this point 

The system consist of

  • Prefeed slat belt conveyor
  • P & A Series 5000-Datamax A-4212 LH
  • Stainless steel base
  • Typical type of conveyor for most labelling
  • Side plates in an aluminium or stainless
  • The chain can be of plastic
  • Product seperator, Pneumatic
  • Photocell for product detection
  • 3 rollers system : Oriental motor
  • Photocell for Black mark detection
  • The system can be label 2.5 - 5 gallon
  • Slat belt W 320 x L 1900 x H 750 mm
  • High adjustable with roller caster
  • Mitsubishi PLC / Touch screen /controller
  • Label pad for high precision safe
  • Variable stroke sensor for applicator
  • DATAMAX A4212 Mark II print module

Standard Features

  • High performanced speed up to 25 bucket /min
  • Width HMI display & Easy to operation
  • Integrated with ERP/ SAP
  • Structure can be stainless steel and aluminium profile
  • Barcode reader for product detection
  • 3 rollers system give the high aacuracy apply
  • Run at fixed speed 10 m/min 

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