03 : Dynamic 120 with Concorde

รหัสสินค้า : 03 : Dynamic 120 with Concorde

The Dynamic-120 dispenser with integrated Concord Applicator controlled by an advanced control unit, is applying the label. This allows an automatic label speed control by "Encoder" quick change the set up time. The system can work with small and large product. 

The system consist of

  • Label dispenser Dynamic 120 series 1000
  • Prefeed belt conveyor
  • Structure and Floor stand with adjustment
  • Product sensor
  • Encoder for automatic speed control
  • Product collector for 100 pieces with adjustable knob

Standard Features

  • Max speed 40 m/min
  • Max reel diameter 280 mm
  • Max label liner width 120 mm
  • The Dynamic is a labeler of contained weight and foot print.
  • Advance control unit. Which is independent for the operator can be located anywhere.
  • Concorde articulated peeler, typically used for convex surfaces. It can apply one label around two adjacent sides of a moving product.
  • It includes roller adapter.
  • Options : Encoder, Product collector.

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