Labeling System Model Combi-Top-Wrap-Seal

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Labeling System Model Combi-Top-Wrap-Seal

Combi is an industrial automatic labelling machine that can be configured on customer’s needs (completely customizable). Indeed, the labelling system can indifferently apply top, wrap around, two sides, seals label on the same product that can be elliptical, round, rectangular or quadrangular products such as jars, bottles, boxes, trays, cans, vessels, flacons or every products of food, cosmetic or toiletries markets.

The industrial labelling machine can be used both offline or online connected to other packaging machines (e.g. filling machines) and able to satisfy any productivity requirement.

The Automatic labelling system can be configured with different models (label applicator or print apply) depending on production need and equipped with alarms, controls and different types of printing modules to print any codes, variable data and images.

The systems provide different production speeds in standard or customized configurations.

Indeed, the labelling machine is available also in Non-Stop configuration in order to avoid any downtime in the line and have more autonomy and consequently advantage for daily productivity.

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