Multihead hot stamping foil date coder 
Model : NY806A-12-1

Standard Features

1. Alarm function of ribbon running out. Use the micro-computer to recycle the ribbon for saving consumable material.

2. Printer for different printing center distance and space can be customized; the coding speed keeps pace with the packing machine which can make sure the coherence of printing position.

3. From one-head to 12-head, single-row and double-row are available to meet code-making needs in a wide range.


- Date Coding Machine, multi-lane vertical intermittent packing

- 12 heads; with ribbon alarm function

- Print direction Vertical text, parallel to film forwarding direction

- Type Holder Brass type holder, 2 lines, each line with 4mm font height

- Characters size Brass character size 2x4x15 with groove

- Cylinder AirTAC Brand Cylinder(From Taiwan)

- Solenoid valve DC24V

- Print speed 50-60 times/min

- Print area two lines: 9x35 mm each line can install max. 16 characters

- Ribbon width 35 mm (optional 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, depend on your text length)

- Power supply 220V/50HZ

- Power 200W-1200W

- Machine size 900x370x300 mm (Depend on final mounting bracket)

- Weight About 40 kg (Depend on print heads quantity and mounting bracket etc.)

- With Controller unit, Temperature, Delay timer, Dwell time, ribbon save adjutable


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