05 : Series 4000 PFP with Feeder


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Series 4000 with Feeder unit

The Series 4000 dispenser with integrated Zebra

Module ZE400 controlled by an advanced control

unit, is applying the label. This allows an automatic

label speed control by "Encoder" quick change the

set up time. The system can work with small and

large product.


The system consist of

- Friction feeder BF-350

- Prefeed belt conveyor with vacuum unit

- Structure and Floor stand with conveyor belt

- Product sensor

- Series 4000 with Zebra module Print and Apply

- Product collector by 300 width conveyor


Standard Features

Feeder Max speed 50 m/min

Label max width 105 mm

Label / minute up to 500

Label roll max 270 mm (310 mm is option)

OEM Print Module Zebra SATO DATAMAX.

- Sturdy

- Versatile Ease to operation

- Reliable

Options : Encoder, Product collector

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