04 : Series 5000 with DATAMAX


Series 5000 with DATAMAX
Series 5000 with integrated DATAMAX print module 203, 305 dpi controlled by HMI & PLC control unit, is applying the label. The system can work with small and large product 2.5 - 5 gallons.

The system consist of
- Series 5000 with DATAMAX Print and Apply unit
- Prefeed belt conveyor
- Structure and Floor stand with adjustment
- Product sensor
- 3 rollers system to rotate the bucket 

Standard Features
- Max capacity 20 pieces /min.
- Max reel diameter 280 mm.
- Max label liner width 120 mm.
- 3-roller system, with label positioned in relation to decoration on the bucket.
- Advance control unit. Which is HMI for the operator can be easy operations.
- Tamp blow is typical using for most surfaces .It can apply one label.
- It includes roller or brush adapter

VDO reference



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